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2019-08-21 10:28:47

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In 2018, 6515 road accidents occurred in Delhi in which 6086 people were injured

The Delhi Traffic Police released data of accidents in the capital city in 2018 and it shows that the fatalities in road accidents have gone up from 1584 deaths in 2017 to 1690 deaths in 2018. The report states that in 2018, 6515 road accidents occurred in Delhi in which 6086 people were injured while 1690 people lost their life. The fatality rate has increased by 6.69 per cent though there has been a total decline in road accidents by 2.36 per cent. Pedestrians were the most vulnerable victims. In 2018, 45.86 per cent of the total persons killed in road accidents were pedestrians while scooter or motorcycle riders were second most vulnerable with 33.72 per cent killed in an accident.

The fatalities have been showing a downward trend since 2009 but last year this trend reversed. The data also suggested that vehicles registered in Haryana were responsible for the highest number of fatal accidents in Delhi among other state vehicles. Out of the total 1657 fatal accidents, 150 were caused by vehicles registered in Haryana in 2018. The report also suggests that 743 accidents occurred during the day while 914 occurred during the night. The Traffic Department also identified 110 cluster points as accident prone zones in Delhi and among the most dangerous stretches are on the Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, GTK Road, Rohtak Road and Grand Trunk Road.


In 2018, cars/taxis caused 253 fatal accidents accounting for 15.26 per cent of total fatal accidents which was the maximum number for a vehicle type.

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